Why Platinum Is Naturally Kind to All Skin Types

Naturally hypoallergenic and white, platinum is not only beautiful but also comfortable to wear, rain or shine.

As we all know, confidence isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling good inside and out. That’s why when you’re choosing jewelry – for yourself or someone else – you need to know it’s going to be kind to skin.

For example, platinum is very durable for daily wear. The secret? The purity of the metal. In the United States, platinum jewelry has to meet ISO* standards, which means it is made using only high-purity platinum (85-95%).

Luckily, the natural qualities of platinum mean it’s compatible with all skin types. It’s not just about allergies. Some jewelry can fade or change color, especially if it’s plated. That’s not something you’ll ever have to worry about with platinum.

100% hypoallergenic and nickel-free

The first thing to know about platinum is that it’s hypoallergenic; which is good news for people with sensitive skin. The secret is in its purity level – most platinum jewelry in the US is 95% platinum, whereas 14 kt. gold is only 58.5% gold.

Keeps its color, even poolside

With some jewelry, you might also need to be careful when you wear it, as simple things like temperature changes or everyday substances can damage its surface.

In the summer months especially, heat, pool chemicals, seawater, sunscreen and even sweat can cause silver and gold to oxidize and discolor, wearing away plating. You might even have to take jewelry off when showering or bathing, as soaps and lotions can have the same effect.

Platinum is different. It will never change color or fade while you’re going about your day – or doing the things you love.

Over time, platinum jewelry can even develop a satiny surface appearance, called patina. This patina is platinum’s calling card, a mark of authenticity in the metal itself. It’s also how you know your jewelry has a high level of resistance against everyday wear and tear. Your platinum jewelry will stand the test of time, so you can take it wherever life takes you.

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*International Standards Organization