The Symbolism of Platinum Through the Ages

For hundreds of years, platinum has held a deep symbolism for humankind. Its meaning throughout different eras and cultures is a part of who we are.

Platinum is incredibly rare, with a high boiling point, which means it’s difficult to find – and to craft – into beautiful jewelry. Because of this, it was historically the preserve of the elite, lending it a mystique no other precious metal can match.

Our Story Begins in The Stars

Long before humans roamed the earth, meteorites carrying platinum crashed into our planet, burying its treasure beneath the surface.

Fast-forward to the 16th century, and Spaniards discovered platinum in the Choco region of Colombia while they were mining for gold. It is from them that we get the word ‘platinum’ – originally called ‘platina’, meaning ‘little silver’. The Spaniards are typically hailed as the ‘modern’ discoverers of platinum, bringing it to the eyes of the world.

Jewelry Fit for A King

King Louis XVI was so impressed by platinum, that he declared it the only metal fit for a king. His jeweler, Marc Etienne Janety, fashioned several platinum pieces for him, including an ornate sugar bowl.

A few years later, Janety was tasked with creating the standard kilogram weight out of platinum. Why this metal above any other? Platinum was known for its durability, meaning that it would not wear away and corrupt the standard.

In Victorian times, platinum became popular as bridal jewelry, its radiance and strength signifying enduring love. As a romantic gift, a platinum ring, bracelet or necklace pays tribute to a woman’s beauty and strength, while expressing lasting devotion.

Platinum Today

Fast-forward to modern times and we still connect platinum with rarity and exclusivity; the same qualities that made it sought-after for hundreds of years. ‘Going platinum’, for example, means achieving the ultimate success, a feat many attempt, but few accomplish.

Today, women wear platinum to tell a story of who they are, their success, their loves, and most precious life moments. When you choose Platinum Born, you’re following those who, across the ages, have cherished the beauty, prestige, and romance of this exceptional element.

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