The Rise… and Rise… of "Slow Jewelry"

We can all relate to wanting to be more mindful about what we consume; not just what we eat and drink, but also what we watch, read and wear. More and more of us are aware that we create our lives out of countless meaningful choices.

What Is Slow Jewelry?

Enter ‘slow fashion’, the practice of buying fewer items, in a more considered way. While many of us are familiar with this concept, Platinum Born is pioneering the extension of ‘slow fashion’ into ‘slow jewelry’ too. That means being aware of the choices we make and choosing quality over quantity. It means playing our part in protecting the planet by sourcing more sustainable items. So we can express our individuality with treasured choices we wear through the years rather than following every trend.

Sustainable shopping is about questioning yourself before you buy something. How many times will I wear it? Does it complement many outfits, or just one? Can I see myself wearing it in a year’s time? How about in a decade?

The Platinum Choice

When you’re thinking about these questions, platinum jewelry has the qualities we’re looking for. Durable and versatile, with a naturally white sheen that only gets more luminous over time, platinum jewelry – in a classic design – will enhance your style, and never date.

A simple, beautiful item of platinum jewelry can go from boardroom to brunch with the family, fine dining to a country weekend, and everything in between. At Platinum Born, we focus on elegant and versatile designs that will add sophistication to any outfit, now and in years to come.

Less Is More

Buying high-quality jewelry less frequently won’t just help you hone your style, it also means you’ll have a collection of carefully curated ‘forever’ pieces.

In a more conscious world, it makes sense to invest rather than spend, choose thoughtfully rather than buy the first thing we see. When it comes to slow jewelry, platinum makes a beautiful statement, not just about your style, but about something bigger and more lasting than us all.

To find your timeless piece of platinum jewelry – explore our Platinum Born Collections today.