Marking Milestones

In life, there are moments that mark our journey – where you step from one life stage into another, or celebrate how far you’ve come. Pure, rare and enduring, platinum jewelry makes the perfect gift for these occasions. A wonderful token from those who know us best, it’s also something to enjoy forever – the story of your life in beautiful, meaningful pieces you can wear every day.

If you’re considering the gift of platinum to mark a significant life moment, here are some of our recommendations.


Whether it’s high school, college or graduate school, graduating is a huge accomplishment. Platinum jewelry of any kind will delight the talented graduate in your life, but younger jewelry wearers often prefer something with a contemporary feel that they can wear every day. A versatile bracelet or simple necklace is ideal here. Something youthful, yet timeless, that will look effortlessly chic whether she’s relaxing with friends or needs to look polished in the workplace. You might also want to consider a gift for yourself to acknowledge your own accomplishments, and platinum will not disappoint.


Not sure what to get for that special birthday? You can’t go wrong with timeless, radiant platinum. For a significant other, we recommend platinum hoops or a necklace that suits their personal style. Romantics will love our Celestial Collection, those with a more natural aesthetic will enjoy Debut, while our Modern Collection makes a cool and effortless statement. For something very special, our Prestige Collection is the epitome of drama and elegance. Each Collection has something unique to offer, should you wish to celebrate the beauty and freedom of being yourself on your special day.


Few gifts embody the power of enduring love better than platinum. While 70 years is the traditional platinum anniversary, there’s no need to wait that long. You might want to consider a beautiful platinum ring that you can stack with a wedding band, or choose from our earrings, bracelets and necklaces that suit your partner’s personality and aesthetic.

New Motherhood

Becoming a mother first time, and the birth of siblings, are some of life’s most momentous and cherished occasions. The beautiful Triple Limitless Ring or the Radiance Necklace will make a perfect gift for any new mom – effortlessly wearable, a tribute to her beauty and strength, and something to remind her of the most special people in her life. Every time wears it, she’ll remember how much she is adored and appreciated.