Love In Platinum

There are all kinds of occasions, and times, for giving jewelry. Many of these come down to one overarching reason. Love. The romantic love of relationships, with their special celebrations, ceremonies and anniversaries. The deep, appreciative love we have for friends and family, and another type of love that’s easily overlooked – love for ourselves.

What all these types of love have in common is that they are profound, enduring and a source of inspiration and strength in our lives. This is why platinum jewelry above all is such a powerful symbol of what love means to us, whenever we give or wear it.

For one thing, platinum is strong – denser and more durable than gold. Like love, it lasts a lifetime, as it doesn’t erode with friction, even on jewelry you wear every day. This means you can also pass platinum jewelry down confidently from generation to generation, as a memento of love that your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will weave into their own stories someday.

Then there’s platinum’s natural, outstanding radiance. Wear platinum next to other gemstones and you’ll see how brightly their fire and brilliance comes through. Gold and white gold – which is really a mixture of gold and other metals – doesn’t quite have this effect. Which makes platinum a fitting tribute to the way love lights up our lives unlike anything else.

Another wonderful quality of platinum is that it grows more beautiful over time. When you scratch gold, for instance, tiny bits flake away. With platinum, the scratched metal simply moves aside. It’s an effect you can’t immediately see with the naked eye, but as time goes by, you’ll find well-loved platinum jewelry develops a lustrous ‘patina’, or satiny finish. Recalling the way the most important relationships in our lives grow deeper and richer as the years go by.

If you’re considering giving jewelry to someone you love, our guide to marking milestones, or making your wedding or commitment ceremony a day to remember is a good place to start. And don’t forget love for yourself. If you’re blazing a trail with your vision and achievements, or simply know you deserve it, you have every reason to celebrate yourself with platinum jewelry too.