Celebrate the Everyday

Platinum is the rarest and most precious of metals, which makes it a fabulous choice for jewelry you’ll wear on life’s most special occasions. But did you know that the extraordinary qualities of platinum also mean that it’s uniquely suited for wear every day?

For example, platinum is very durable for daily wear. The secret? The purity of the metal. In the United States, platinum jewelry has to meet ISO* standards, which means it is made using only high-purity platinum (85-95%).

To compare, 14 karat gold only has 58.5% gold in its composition. 18 karat gold has 75%. This means that while platinum may seem more expensive as an initial investment, if you’re wearing it every day, you can expect fewer repairs, which makes it an excellent value over time. The purity of platinum also makes it hypoallergenic, so if your skin becomes more sensitive – during pregnancy for instance, or any other life change – it’s always a safe choice.

Then there’s the beautiful patina that develops on platinum over the years, in response to daily contact and movement. The more you wear platinum, the deeper its luster.

At Platinum Born, we believe more women should enjoy the beauty of platinum every day, and focus on jewelry designs that will take you from brunch to boardroom, family games night to formal gala. Why not browse our collections and find the perfect piece for yourself, or someone you love?

Here you’ll find statement and simple necklaces, many with adjustable lengths for added versatility. Bracelets are wonderful for daily wear, adding a touch of elegance that suits any occasion. Our earrings in contemporary hoop and drop designs will take you from day to night, while rings are the effortless choice for precious jewelry the wearer can enjoy every day.

There are a few things you can do to keep your platinum looking its best. Find out more about caring for your platinum here.