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Platinum is the world’s rarest precious metal, 30 times more rare than gold. It has a natural radiance that has enchanted the world ever since its discovery.

At Platinum Born, we believe the qualities of this unparalleled material need to be seen and experienced. Using advanced techniques and thoughtful craftsmanship, we create contemporary, timeless designs that bring the beauty of platinum to life.

A statement in personalized style.




our collections

Celestial Collection

A star is born. Our night sky-inspired collection has an enchantment all its own – bringing elegance to any occasion.

Debut Collection

Classic style deserves to be celebrated. Our freshwater pearl collection has an aura that speaks of joy, femininity, and confidence.

Limitless Collection

Enjoy the playful personality of faceted diamond-cut beads that capture and cast the light wherever you go.

Modern Collection

Undeniably sleek, sculptural lines let the beauty of pure platinum speak for itself.

Portrait Collection

Find your signature style among our intricate necklaces. An heirloom in the making.

Prestige Collection

Claim the limelight and create your legacy in breath-taking statement pieces that will never go out of style.

Radiance Collection

Mesmerize in artfully-cut platinum beads that sparkle like diamonds – subtle enough for day and glamorous at night.


Accentuate your style.


Catch the light.


Elegant and wearable.

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