A New Era of Jewelry for Women

At Platinum Born, we believe women deserve jewelry in this luxurious, incomparable metal.

Strong enough to last and symbolize forever

Naturally brilliant, with a luminescence that’s all its own. Its rarity lends it an awe-inspiring greatness, just like the women who are leading the way in our world, inspiring those around them, and those to come.

Graceful and enduring

Every Platinum Born piece is an expression of individuality. Striking jewelry to enjoy today, and an heirloom dedicated to the next generation of brilliant women.

The Art of

Platinum isn’t just the rarest precious metal. It’s also one of the most challenging materials with which to work.

Thanks to a melting point nearly double that of 24 karat gold, it took centuries to develop the tools and techniques required to shape it into fine jewelry.

At Platinum Born, it’s this patience, skill and devotion that we bring to every item we create– a combination of perfectly judged design, advanced tooling and thoughtful craft, down to each hand-woven thread.

The result? Breathtaking jewelry that’s absolutely worth the wait.



Our Origins


In life, there are moments that mark our journey – where you step from one life stage into another, or celebrate how far you’ve come.

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