The Equinox

Our timeless necklace, featuring tiny abacus beads on three delicate box chains, will take you from day to night. Place one box chain inside another to make a stunning triple-drape. You can also wear the necklaces separately or together as long and short layers.

The Magnetic

Intelligent and beautiful, integrated magnets let you create your own look, wearing precision-cut platinum in multiple styles, including necklace or bracelet.

The Moonrise

The ever-versatile Moonrise is a delicate, Y-shaped chain strung with multiple pairs of tiny abacus beads. Adjust the length with a floating platinum bead that looks stunning worn in the front or back.

The Saturn

The Saturn’s evenly spaced abacus beads on a double-platinum chain adapt into two equally classic styles. Simply slide its floating beads upwards to shorten into a captivating portrait-length necklace, and down to lengthen.

The Starbright

Beautiful and luminous however you choose to wear it, the shimmering Starbright is equally enchanting as a three-tiered choker or two-strand opera length necklace.

The Starspun

With shimmering platinum beads hand-threaded onto three delicate strands, the Starspun is effortlessly adaptable. A floating bead transforms the look from elegant choker to a romantic longer necklace. Or wear reversed as a lariat.

Platinum Care

Prevent and Protect

We believe platinum is for every day, however we recommend removing your jewelry before handling any harsh chemicals or products.

Gentle Cleaning

To maintain your platinum’s natural glow, occasionally soak in soap and warm water, or use a specialist jewelry cleaning solution, then rub gently with a soft cloth.

Give it Room

Store your platinum away from other items that could scratch it. A separate jewel box or chamois bag will protect your jewelry’s shine for years to come.

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