Necklaces that transform when you do.


Glimmering platinum beads are threaded by hand onto three delicate chains. A floating platinum bead can quickly transform the look from choker to chest or spin it around to be worn as a lariat.


The luminous Gemini necklace is made of a petal chain, this two-strand necklace converts from long to short and single to double chain by simply sliding the necklace’s hand-assembled floating beads along the chain.


Equinox transforms from a classic three-chain drape into two separate necklaces. Tiny abacus beads are strung along a delicate box chain with a magnetic closure that can be placed inside of a second delicate box chain to make a triple drape. You can also wear the necklaces as separates or together as long and short layers.


Simple and versatile, the MoonRise necklace is a delicate Y-shaped chain strung with multiple pairs of tiny abacus beads. The length is adjusted by a floating platinum bead which can be worn front or back.


Beautiful, luminous and the ultimate in flexible style, the shimmering Starbright necklace can be worn as a three-tiered choker or as a two-strand opera length necklace.


The Magnetic necklace is handcrafted from precision-cut platinum. Designed with integrated magnets, so you can create and hold multiple shapes for any occasion.


Keep your platinum sparkling.


Remove your platinum before diving into artistic work or manual labor that might involve harsh chemicals.


Give your platinum an occasional soak in soap and warm water or use a pre-packaged jewelry cleaner, then rub gently with a soft cloth to see it shine.


Give your platinum room. A jewel box or chamois bag is a good idea to avoid scratches from other jewelry.