There’s far more to wedding jewelry than rings. With bridal adornments, and gifts for the wedding party to consider, the wearing and giving of jewelry to celebrate a couple’s special day is a tradition that’s almost inseparable from the ceremony itself.

For weddings, platinum is the perfect choice. Stunning and luminous, it’s an unparalleled complement for bridal attire. So if you’re selecting a romantic wedding day gift for your spouse, or choosing an accessory that will showcase your gown, platinum will always rise to the occasion. A platinum bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings makes an enchanting statement as you walk down the aisle. It’s something you can wear forever – and it  will become a beautiful heirloom one day.

At Platinum Born, we also recommend our jewelry as a tasteful choice for bridesmaids and the mother of the bride or groom. Designed for the modern woman, our jewelry has a timeless, exquisite quality to match the occasion, while simple and contemporary enough to wear every day.

Why platinum, not gold? It’s a good question. While gold has historically been the choice for many couples on their wedding day, platinum is not only naturally more radiant – it’s also more durable. Platinum is known for its ability to withstand daily use without wearing down. That’s why it’s the industry standard for a diamond’s setting. Over time, platinum also develops a special, satiny finish known as ‘patina’, which means as the years go by, your jewelry will become even more beautiful.

After a while, you might find gold jewelry needs to be reset, and white gold needs a recoating – both of which are highly expensive to do. Meanwhile, platinum will retain its quality and value.

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